Friday 3/3/17



Warm Up:

For 5-10 minutes, performing the following: (at least 4 rounds)

  1. 5 Straight Leg Raises Each Leg
  2. 10 Band Pull Aparts
  3. 5 Hollow/Arch swings on the bar (progress this to ttb or CTB by the end of the warm up)
  4. 3 Dumbbell Cleans (start light and progress heavier)

Each round, increase the weight on the dumbbell cleans and change the beat swings to Toes to Bar or Chest to Bar. Sub the toes 2 bar and chest to bar with movement sets that are going to used in the scaled workout.

If you need additional warm up and prep for the lunges, throw 5 reps stepping lunge each leg into each round.


Optional Core:

EMOM for 6 minutes
10 V-Ups
6 Hollow Rocks
4 Situp Lower SLOWLY (3 count)