Crossfit & Stoicism

Courage is love for oneself. If you respect yourself then you have the courage to stand up for your position or pursue what you believe is right. That means having the self respect to take care of ourselves and do what is right for our families. It is a scientific fact that exercise is a human necessity. Exercise is critical for a healthy mind and body. There are many distractions in the modern world that lead us away from this essential truth. The economy and world events are out of our immediate control. But, we are in control of ourselves and the decisions that we make. Whether or not we exercise and eat foods that will make us healthier is a philosophic choice about life. Will you live a hedonistic life of gradual decline, or will you build yourself (and others) up to thrive?

Stoicism 101: “A Beginner’s Guide for Entrepreneurs” by Ryan Holiday – The Blog of Tim Ferriss

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