Crossfit Pleasanton 1st Annual Tortoise & Hair Competition

Teams of two must accomplish 10,000#’s of deadlift, 3k Row, 2 mile run outside, 100 Ring Rows, 100 Push-ups, and 100 Squats. Teams can complete the exercises in any order. Team members can split up the requirements however they choose. Each team gets one barbell to deadlift, one set of rings, and one rower. The best time to completion wins.


Todays Times:

Grudge Match: TT&TS: 23:38 Vs RS&MDB 25:45 (notes, RS has only been training for 2 months)

Trainer Vs Trainer: PS&NK 19:05 Vs DK&Guido 23:09


Special thanks to Tommy T for donating the Kinder’s Barbeque.


Griff going for the $5, 30 degree for 30 minute uphill challenge.

Eva Da Bull:


Luke, our diminutive cameraman documented the competition on tape. Good job Luke.