Intramural Open

CFP Intramural Open Details

Welcome to the CrossFit Open Intramural for CrossFit Pleasanton. This page will have team members, Individual points scored, and team standing.  Make sure to score as many points for your team as you can. Check back throughout the Open for updates how your team is doing.

*If you do not see your name on a team email us at

  • Colors on your score are head to head match ups. They will match up with your opponent on the opposing team.


Scoring system for every workout

Here are the ways your team can earn points.

1 point for completing the workout.

1 point for the team that has all its team members earn an official (judged) score on the workout.

1 point per athlete that finishes in the top three in the gym in their division.

The Division will be:

Men and Woman RX and Scaled,

Men and Woman RX and Scaled for all athletes 40 and older.

Head to Head Details

This is a head to head race. The match needs to be announced to a coach and the date and time that you are doing it. Both athletes must be doing it at the same time. Both athletes need to be right next to each other for all the movements.

3 points for any Head to Head matchups that are scheduled and completed for both athletes.

If the athlete challenging wins they get 1 more point for their team.

If the athlete accepting the challenge wins, they get 2 more points for their team.


**After all five workouts are completed a winning team will be announced.  Winning teams gets a Chipotle Super Sunday event.**